Verulam Lodge

Lodge Number: 6131
Consecration: 20 October 1945
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 3rd Saturday October (Installation)
3rd Saturday January
3rd Saturday March
3rd Saturday April
3rd Saturday May


Verulam Lodge was consecrated by the RW Bro Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, Provincial Grand Master. Verulam is a family Lodge, during the first fifty years, ten Brethren have introduced their sons to Masonry, six of whom have so far progressed to become Master. The 5th Earl of Verulam was an active Member, but sadly died two days before he was due to be installed as Master. The Crest depicts an image of St. Albans Cathedral with the letter ‘V’. This does not stand for ‘Verulam’ but for ‘Victory’ and was included as a tribute to those Freemasons who gave their lives during the Second World War.

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