Watford Lodge

Lodge Number: 404
Consecration: 13 November 1829
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 1st Friday June (Installation)
1st Friday February
1st Friday March
1st Friday May
1st Friday October
1st Friday November


On the 28th September 1829 nine brethren residing at Watford petitioned the Grand Master to form a new lodge because the nearest lodge was then in Uxbridge. It was consecrated at the Spread Eagle Tavern,Watford. The lodge was originally called Bamborough because the first master came from that village in Northumberland, but in 1833 the name was changed to Watford Lodge. The number was originally 851 but it changed to 580 in 1832 and then to 404 in 1863.

Members of the lodge have included, Stewart Majoribanks, MP, PSGW; William Stuart ProvGM (1844-1873); Sir Frederick Halsey MP, ProvGM (1873-1924), DepGM (1903-1927); C E Keyser, ProvGM (1924-1930); Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, ProvGM (1930-1949) Canon Frederick Halsey, ProvGM (1949-1952); Guy M Halsey, ProvGM (1974-1985); Michael B Jones, ProvGM (1992-2003).

Several members were responsible for forming lodges and chapters in other degrees which now bear their names, in particular William Stuart, Dr. F.W. Wilson-Iles and The Rev. Dr. Oliver Cockrem.