Wormley St Laurence Lodge

Lodge Number: 9621
Consecration: 29 October 1996
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 2nd Friday December (Installation)
3rd Friday February
3rd Friday April
2nd Friday September

The first official Founders Meeting was held at The Masonic Centre, Cheshunt on Wednesday, 23rd November 1994. Six Brethren attended and three of those, (W. Bro. John Murray, PPJGD and Bro.’s Kevin Webb & Allan Chapman), eventually became Founders and one (Bro. Steve Wilson) became the first Joining Member.

The official name of Wormley St. Laurence Lodge was proposed at the fourth Founders Meeting in March, 1995 by W. Bro. John Murray, PPJGD. The name Wormley St. Laurence was considered suitable for the new Lodge as a number of the Founders lived close to The Parish Church of Saint Laurence in Wormley.

Of the twenty-six Founders – five were members of Churchgate Lodge No. 7276, four were members of King Harold Lodge No. 9006, two were members of Weir Hall Lodge No. 6088, two were members of Phocas Lodge No. 9054 and the remaining thirteen members of individual Lodges.

The 202nd Hertfordshire Lodge was consecrated at The Cheshunt Masonic Centre on Tuesday, 29th October 1996 when approximately 130 Brethren were assembled in the Kent Temple.

In order to prepare for the first regular meeting of the Lodge which was to be only three weeks after the Consecration, the first Lodge of Instruction was held at The Masonic Centre, Cheshunt on Thursday, 3rd October 1996. A number of interesting anomalies occurred at this Lodge of Instruction meeting as the Lodge has adopted ‘Emulation’ ritual with ‘Taylors’ perambulations together with other slight differences which make the Lodge unique.

The Lodge’s immediate parentage has seven other lodges tracing back to Union Waterloo No. 13 and a representative from each of these Lodges attended the October 1997 Installation Meeting of Wormley St. Laurence Lodge No. 9621; and made for a very special occasion.