UGLE Celebrations

Grand Ball
On 30th September 2017 a Grand Ball will be held in Freemasons’ Hall. This will include the largest raised dancefloor in Europe, which will be installed n the Grand Temple, as well as a big band, ceilidh, and both silent and noisy discos! Tickets will go on sale on Friday 30th September 2016, priced at £160. For further information, please check the website,

Royal Albert Hall
The culmination of UGLE celebrations will be a landmark meeting at the Royal Albert Hall, attended by masons from across the English Constitution, and distinguished guests from around the world.

This will take place on Tuesday, October 31st, and will be followed by a banquet at Evolution, in Battersea Park.

Numbers for both events are, of course, limited, but will be allocated to all Provinces and Districts in ratio to their membership, so we can be sure that Hertfordshire will be well represented.

National Arboretum

18th April 2017

VC Paving Stones

25th April 2017

Tercentenary Jewel

On 24th June 2016, UGLE have launched a Tercentenary Jewel to commemorate 300 years of Grand Lodge, which may be worn in perpetuity by qualified Brethren at all Craft meetings. Four versions of the jewel are available, priced from £20 to £3850, from