Emulation Lodge of Improvement Annual Festival

February 26, 2018

On Friday the 23rd of February, our Provincial Grand Master. RW Bro Paul Gower, was honoured by becoming the President of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement Festival.

Over 200 Brethren were present to witness the ELoI demonstrate Sections 4 & 6 of 1st Lecture and Sections 2 & 5 of 2nd Lecture under the watchful eye of VW Bro Graham Redman PGSwdB DepGSec as the Senior Member of the Committee, our past Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Colin Harris and the rest of the ELoI Committee. Among those present were W Brothers Dick Knifton, Jay Patel, John Norris and a number of other Provincial Grand Officers present and past.

Along with the members of the Provincial Grand Lodge were a dozen or so members of the Fleet House Light Blues Club who had come to support the President of their club, the Provincial Grand Master, become the President of the ELoI Festival.

For more information on the Emulation Lodge of Improvement please visit: https://emulationloi.org/