Fleet House Light Blues Club

26 September, 2016

The Fleet House Light Blues Club (FHLBC) was started by a group of enthusiastic Hertfordshire Freemasons who wanted to create something to help bring junior members together from across the Province, from different Lodges and Orders, in a more sociable manner.

The FHLBC has three main principles:

Explore – Monthly invitations to other Lodges

Discover – Exclusive trips to Masonic attractions

Engage – Social events and Masonic support

These three main principles naturally cross over but they allow the club to organise events for its wide and diverse range of members. The FHLBC aims to help the membership meet new people, discuss Masonic issues and, above all, enjoy each other’s company. The FHLBC allows junior Freemasons to grow in confidence while enabling them to further enjoy Masonry and discover the wider fraternal nature of the institution.

If you would like to find out more about the FHLBC and what events are coming up, take a look their website or follow them on social media:

Website: www.fhlbc.co.uk

Social Media: