Members’ Pathway

The Members' Pathway

“Providing our members with the tools to ensure UGLE’s long term future by building a positive reputation for Freemasonry in society today, and by helping to attract and retain quality members.”

Like many other societies and organisations, the future of Freemasonry rests on our effectiveness in bringing in and retaining new members of the right quality. Readers of Freemasonry Today will have seen in the Winter 2017 issue an article presenting The Members’ Pathway. Devised by UGLE this suggested programme, which offers a structured route to recruiting and engaging members, is being introduced this year across the provinces.
There is no obligation for lodges to follow every idea or step set out in The Members’ Pathway, but some may find it helpful in strengthening numbers and forming plans for the future.

Copies of the simple 18-page booklet, setting out the principles of the scheme, can be viewed by clicking here.

If you would like to know more, please contact John Norris for further information.