Freemasonry FAQ’s

What is Freemasonry?

Are you a secret society?

What are the secrets of Freemasonry?

What happens at a lodge meeting?

Isn’t ritual out of place in a modern society?

Why do Freemasons take oaths?

Why do your ‘obligations’ contain hideous penalties?

Are Freemasons expected to prefer fellow Masons at the expense of others in giving jobs, promotions, contracts and the like?

Isn’t it true that Freemasons only look after each other?

Aren’t you a religion or a rival to religion?

Why do you call God the Great Architect?

Why don’t some churches like Freemasonry?

Why will Freemasonry not accept Roman Catholics as members?

Are there not Masonic Groups who are involved in politics?

Is Freemasonry an international Order?

Why don’t you have women members?

Why do you wear regalia?

How and where did Freemasonry start?

How many degrees are there in Freemasonry?