Hertfordshire Masonic Sports Association

26 September, 2016

Members of Lodge of True Aim No 9930; the Province's shooting Lodge

The Hertfordshire Masonic Sports Association (HMSA) currently covers four sporting activities: bowls, clay shooting, fishing and golf.


Please contact Mark Trembling for more information.

Clay Shooting

Clay shooting in the Province is reaching new heights of attendance and participation with both the twice-yearly Provincial Shoots and Lodge Shoots at Hertfordshire’s shooting Lodge, Lodge of True Aim No 9930.

Lodge of True Aim meets three times a year with a shoot at Lea Valley Shooting Club followed by a Lodge meeting at Mayflower Place in Hertingfordbury. Membership has grown from 29 at their Consecration in 2017 to over 60, with a host of Initiates and Joining members waiting in the wings.

Interested in joining? Please contact the Lodge Secretary, Barry House.


Our fishing events consist primarily of charity days for children and Provincial Fishing Days for the Brethren.

The charity days, in partnership with the Masonic Fishing Charity, give youngsters from special needs schools the chance to enjoy a fishing experience one to one with an angler and is an example of Freemasonry touching lives and working in the community.

The Provincial fishing days are purely for the Brethren to enjoy the fishing experience amongst themselves.

Are you interested in taking part? Please contact John Clark for further information.


The HMSA organise two major events per year, with other society golf days arranged with various other Provinces during the year.

Are you interested in playing? Please contact Bob Curson for further information.