Solomon is an online resource from the United Grand Lodge of England that aims to help its members make a 'daily advancement' in their Masonic knowledge

Fostering Curiosity and Developing Understanding

Solomon is an online, searchable repository from the United Grand Lodge of England; containing over four hundred papers, presentations, demonstrations, quizzes and ‘nuggets’ (quick factsheet-like pages) on a diverse range of topics relating to the ritual, symbolism, history and traditions of Freemasonry.

The site’s content is organised in to three key areas: Seek & Learn, Share & Encourage and Support & Promote. Each of these areas focuses on a different aspect of the Masonic experience and is broken down further in to a series of specific subjects and modules on to which users of the site can ‘enrol’ and either browse at their leisure or ‘work’ through (much like you would a course at college).

Solomon is open to all members; whether an experienced Freemason or an Entered Apprentice looking to make a daily advancement in their knowledge. Simply click here to be taken to the site and then follow the instructions to register.