14 August, 2019

Solomon has a simple goal: to help members, Lodges and Chapters learn more about Freemasonry. And with over 30,000 registered members and counting – and over 4,000 views each day – it appears that Freemasons all over the world are sharing Solomon’s wisdom.

Solomon aims to be “the largest repository of Masonic material in the world, and one of which… everyone in Masonry, can be proud”. It contains over four hundred papers, presentations, demonstrations, quizzes and ‘nuggets’ (quick factsheet-like pages) on a range of topics relating to the ritual, symbolism, history and traditions of Freemasonry.

The site’s content is organised in to three key areas: Seek & Learn, Share & Encourage and Support & Promote. Each of these areas focuses on a different aspect of the Masonic experience and is broken down further in to a series of specific subjects and modules on to which users of the site can ‘enrol’ and either browse at their leisure or ‘work’ through (much like you would a course at college).

Solomon is open to all members; whether an experienced Freemason or an Entered Apprentice looking to make a daily advancement in their knowledge. Simply click here to be taken to the site and then follow the instructions to register.