Many Hands Make Light Work

Nine visitors from nine different Lodges lent the Brethren of East Barnet Lodge a hand in their moment of need

During 2019, East Barnet Lodge No 6259 conducted double ceremonies to Initiate and then Pass father and son (and now Brothers) Gary and Adam Pickett. At their most recent meeting in February, they were pleased to see both men Raised to the degree of a Master Mason.

However, this was a Raising with a difference – due to unfortunate illness amongst the Lodge Officers taking part in the ceremony, it was necessary to deputise an incredible nine guests from nine different Lodges to ensure that everything could be carried out as planned. Among those lending a hand were Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Chris Noble, and Provinical Recruitment Officer, Tony Reffold.

The meeting was a great success and, without doubt, is an evening that those present, particularly Gary and Adam, will remember for years to come.

The full list of those assisting the Lodge in their moment of need were (left to right in the photograph above):

  • Chris Noble (delivered part of the Exhortation)
  • Richard Drury (Director of Ceremonies)
  • Charlie Agar (acted as Senior Warden)
  • Adam Pickett
  • Andrew Grimmet (Worshipful Master)
  • Gary Pickett
  • Carlton Paterson (acted as Inner Guard)
  • Bob Davis (acted as Junior Warden)
  • Tony Reffold (acted as IPM and delivered the other part of the Exhortation)
  • Joe Quinton (acted as Assistant Director of Ceremonies and delivered the Charge After Initiation)
  • (Seated) Paul Fairchild (conducted part of the Raising and started and finished the meeting as Junior Deacon)
  • Garry Wiggins (Senior Deacon)
  • Dick Morgan (Traditional History and Walking Charge)