Prince Michael of Kent Court

Hertfordshire Freemasons will be pleased to see an update from Prince Michael of Kent Court.

Visiting – Use of internal and external visiting PODS
Unfortunately the RMBI has had to make the difficult decision to suspend all visiting with immediate effect to support the continued efforts to reduce the infection rate across the country. As previously agreed, End of Life visits will be facilitated where a person is in the last days of life to allow families and loved ones the opportunity to visit whilst following strict COVID safe protocols.

Vaccines are currently being rolled out and as of today 44 residents have received the first part of their vaccination and nearly a third of their staff have also received the first part. In the coming weeks the second part will be issued and staff that have not had the opportunity to access the vaccine will be able to do so.

All staff are tested each week and residents are tested monthly. Due to the rising cases, particularly in the Watford area, the home will now be testing staff twice weekly. This increase in testing should help the home to identify any staff earlier that are positive and asymptomatic. The home will also be looking at Lateral Flow Testing, this should also assist to identify any positive staff quickly. Please be aware that at present the LFT is in its early stages and this is only for staff use at present and will not be used for visitors at this time.

Contacting the Home
Please note that going forward the Shift Leader teams will not be available to speak with families at the following times due to medication rounds, staff handovers and meal times:
Before 10am
Between 2pm to 3pm
Between 5pm to 6.30pm
If your enquiry is of an urgent nature then reception will take a message and the team will contact you back.

Contacting Residents
Many of their residents do not have telephones in their rooms and the home does try as much as possible to ensure that families and friends are able to speak with residents whenever possible. However the home only has one mobile phone that is used by the Shift Leaders and at times it is not possible to pass the phone to a resident as the team are using it. In these instances we will take a message and ask the team to assist the resident to call back where it is possible. Again they would ask that you avoid trying to contact a resident during meal times and medication rounds. The home will be looking to obtain a new handset for Reception to use which would help  with this.

If you have any queries please contact the home and speak with a member of the management team