Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies – Meet the Team

Barrie House

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

What is your mother Lodge
Ellenbrook Lodge No.8155

Which year did you join Freemasonry

What is/was your Career
I am a Marketing Consultant in Global Services for a Computer Solutions Manufacturer

What first attracted you to Freemasonry
At first the mystery surrounding it, but after attending Garden Parties and Ladies festivals with my father in law, it was the welcome, camaraderie and friendships that I saw and wanted to be part of.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Freemasonry
Mainly outdoor pursuits, walking my Dog, running, shooting.

Who and why should somebody join Freemasonry
Aside from lifelong friendships and personal growth, there are so many aspects to Freemasonry and everyone gets something different from it, so join and find what you enjoy you may be surprised.

Which other Freemason in the Province inspires you / and why
The late Colin Taylor, he was my mentor from the day I joined and long before it existed as a role. He inspired, encouraged and taught me so much. I followed him into multiple Lodges and offices and to this day I wear items of his regalia and use templates for running meetings that he created.