21st Century Freemasonry

31 August, 2023

5 meetings in 1 day, is that possible?

On Saturday 26th August Salisbury Union 767 met as part of a group of Lodges and Chapters.

With many masonic units struggling to recruit new members and enthuse existing members to attend, Salisbury Union decided to take a very different approach.

Keeping masonry affordable and relevant was the basis for the idea. Having listened to the Stratergy from Grand Lodge, it is clear that the fraternity needed to look at understanding and embracing both new and existing members.

Salisbury Union is the University Scheme Lodge for Hertfordshire and is well known for its different ritual and having multiple candidates for each ceremony. It became evident that newer members, those that had recently past through the chair and even those with Provincial rank were looking for something more connected as they explored the companion orders

To this end, Salisbury Union members taken various units under their wing. You can now explore Holy Royal Arch, Mark Master Masonry, Royal Ark Mariners and Rose Croix with the fraternal group that make the core membership.

Since the units have become integrated Salisbury Union members have an opportunity to explore the other orders without the fear of being pushed into office whilst still navigating their Craft Masonry. In most cases the units have doubled or trebled their membership numbers.

This has resulted in much more convivial meetings with much better ceremonies. On top of this, the social aspect has been emphasised throughout.

The day kicked off with Ravenscroft Rose Croix, quickly followed by Gladsmuir Mark and Gladsmuir Royal Ark Mariners. Both these meeting had the Provincial Grand Master JamesHarrison in attendance. Where he presented two Mark Grand Lodge Certificates. Moving onto Concord Chapter and 4 Grand Chapter Certificates were presented. Finally Salisbury Union and 2 Grand Lodge Certificates were presented by the same Worshipful Brother.

The day was rounded off with an informal BBQ were many family and friends, including the head of Hertfordshire Freemasonry Neil Connolly and his wife Maxine who joined the members after the meetings.