East Hertfordshire Lodge

Lodge Number: 3748
Consecration: 19 May 1915
Meeting Place: Mayflower Place – Hertingfordbury
Meeting Dates: 2nd Thursday March (Installation)
2nd Thursday January
2nd Thursday May
2nd Thursday September
2nd Thursday November


The first Minute records that in 1915, ‘Several prominent Freemasons residing or having interests in the Province of Hertfordshire considered the time had come when it was desirable that a new Lodge should be formed in the Province which should be conducted strictly in accordance with the highest traditions of Freemasonry and kept exclusively for men of good position and took a sincere interest in Freemasonry’. The exact origins of the Lodge are difficult to ascertain because of the loss of records (and, incidentally, the Lodge Banner).

This Lodge now has its own website on www.easthertslodge.org