Broadhurst Lodge

Lodge Number: 9415
Consecration: 21 May 1991
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday April (Installation)
3rd Thursday February
3rd Thursday June
3rd Thursday November


The Lodge was formed by members of the Broadhurst Club of Instruction whose history starts with meetings in Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead in 1907 for rehearsal of any one of several rituals. There are not thought to be many independent Clubs of Instruction in existence; but from this humble beginning and location, the Lodge’s name ‘Broadhurst’ is derived.

The Badge depicts the ancient Hampstead Conservatoire, Swiss Cottage, where the first recorded meeting took place on 7th February 1909. The oak trees allude to Broadhurst Gardens, and also symbolise the growth and strength of Freemasonry, and the Harts to the County of Hertfordshire in which the Club was to find a masonic venue in 1989 after 3,441 recorded meetings.

‘Fidelis’ means faithful; faithful to the memory of the Broadhurst Club of Instruction, which still meets, faithful to the Craft and faithful to its obligation.

The Lodge has its own Broadhurst Ritual to give recognition to the several rituals rehearsed by the Club, it is largely based on Emulation words and Taylor floor work.