Broxbourne Lodge

Lodge Number: 2353
Consecration: 22 April 1890
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 2nd Saturday June (Installation)
4th Saturday February
3rd Saturday April
2nd Saturday October


Broxbourne Lodge, which is a daughter of Dacre Lodge No. 2086, was consecrated at The Crown Hotel, Broxbourne and celebrated its Centenary on 28th April 1990 at Southgate Masonic Centre. The first Master was W Bro Ebenezer Charles Mulvey, who subsequently served as Secretary for thirty three years. Of the twelve Founders, one, W Bro H. Monson, a surveyor, survived to attend the Jubilee meeting of the Lodge on the 27th April 1940, at the Cafe Monica in London.