Burning Bush Lodge

Lodge Number: 9608
Consecration: 22 February 1996
Meeting Place: The Masonic Hall – Radlett
Meeting Dates: 3rd Tuesday February (Installation)
1st Tuesday May
2nd Tuesday July
1st Tuesday November

The Lodge has its origins in the 1970’s. The two Brethren who were to be the first W.M. and SW had become firm friends, but, as often happens, had drifted apart with the passage of time. By chance, they both moved into the Bushey area within months of each other. They were soon to discover each other’s Masonic interests and enthusiasm. Through their involvement with Bushey Synagogue, they soon realised that many members of the Congregation were Masons, but were spread through many diverse Lodges. Enquiries were made of other Masons who might be interested in becoming Founders of a new Lodge. The first meeting of potential Founders was held at Bushey Synagogue on 6th February 1995, attended by twenty eight people, many of whom are now Founders of the Lodge.

The proposed name, Burning Bush Lodge, was accepted immediately by Grand Lodge, as was the Lodge emblem. The name ‘Burning Bush’ has, of course, a biblical origin. The Burning Bush is mentioned in the Bible in Exodus, Chapter Ill, verse 2, in which ‘the Angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in a flame of fire in the midst of a burning bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed’. It is suggested that the seven branched candelabra, or Menorah, may be emblematical of the burning bush, depicting the flames, and a Menorah was placed in King Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem. The Burning Bush is often taken as the symbol of Israel small among nations and yet indestructible, because of the Divine Spirit that dwells within it.

The Lodge was consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Michael Batham Jones. More than two hundred and seventy brethren being present at the Rickmansworth Masonic School for Girls. The Lodge meets at the Masonic Centre at Radlett.