Eastgate Lodge

Lodge Number: 6694
Consecration: 7 July 1948
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 4th Wednesday May (Installation)
1st Wednesday February
1st Wednesday October
1st Wednesday December

The Lodge was consecrated by VW Bro The Rev Canon F Halsey shortly after the Second World War, to accommodate large numbers of returning Brethren ready and willing to take Office. Eastgate traces its lineage through its Mother Lodge, King Harold No. 1327, Nelson Lodge No. 700, and to Lodge No. 86 in the year 1761.

As can be seen from the Lodge Crest above, the name of the Lodge is derived from the geographical location in which the Lodge meets. In addition it was chosen as a name which had not previously appeared in the list of Lodges under the English Constitution.  The crest comprises an outline of the boundaries of the Province upon which is superimposed a gate in the Eastern Portion representing the Lodge, and a Rose in the Western Portion representing the English Constitution and a main industry in the locality of the Lodge.

We have been fortunate in that we have had a history of family involvement; indeed we have one family that originated with the Grandfather, then the Father, then the Son, who was initiated at our 50th Anniversary, An Uncle was also a Member. At one time in our history we had six Fathers and Sons plus three Sons in Law in the Lodge.

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 1998 and at that time were informed by the longest serving member that as we had always met in dinner jackets our Lodge was fondly known in the old days as the “Waiters Lodge.” We are still well known for our hospitality at our Festive Boards and, indeed, at our Lodge of Instruction nights where attendance is so high, there is an abundance of Past Masters and younger members vying to rehearse the different offices.