Edmonton with Chandos Lodge

Lodge Number: 4339
Consecration: 31 January 1922
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 1st Monday February (Installation)
4th Monday March
2nd Monday September
1st Monday December


The original Edmonton Lodge was founded in 1780, had a chequered career and was erased in 1851. In 1921, a number of Edmonton business men met and agreed to petition Grand Lodge for a Warrant. There is no record of a Sponsoring Lodge but of the twenty eight Founders, there were a number from Cheshunt Lodge No. 2921, one of whom purchased and presented the Lodge with £82 x £1 Shares in Halsey Masonic Hall, Cheshunt. The Lodge became a London Lodge until January 1988, when it took up its shareholding and moved to Cheshunt as a Hertfordshire Lodge. The Lodge Crest depicts John Gilpin passing The Bell Public House in Edmonton on his way to Ware and “my wife shall dine in Edmonton but I shall dine in Ware”, from the poem ‘John Gilpin’.

On the 1st October 2007 Edmonton Lodge amalgamated with Chandos Lodge to form Edmonton with Chandos Lodge 4339.

Ful Story :

The Provincial Grand Master presided over the first-ever amalgamation of two lodges in Hertfordshire when Chandos Lodge No 8870 from Metropolitan Grand Lodge was amalgamated with Edmonton Lodge No 4339 to form the Edmonton with Chandos Lodge No 4339 in the Province of Hertfordshire.
The ceremony in October, devised by the Provincial Grand DC, W Bro David Ferris, was included in a regular lodge meeting which also featured an initiation.
In his address the PGM commented that this might well be the forerunner of several more with at least one more in the pipeline.
He observed that a successful amalgamation could only be achieved by goodwill and understanding on both sides and said he felt sure that Edmonton with Chandos Lodge could look forward to many years of happiness and fulfilment.
At the time of the amalgamation the master was W Bro Paul Thomson who a few weeks earlier had been installed as master of Chandos Lodge, so he was master of both lodges at the time of the amalgamation ceremony and became the first WM of Edmonton with Chandos.
At this year’s installation meeting, in February, an ex-Edmonton member became WM but there was no significance to this as the decision followed well-attended GP meetings where everyone was considered on an equal footing.
Lodge secretary W Bro Peter Walters said the lodge was finding the past experience of Chandos members to be invaluable. In the installation ceremony, for example, particular attention was paid to the past history of Chandos. The Chandos master’s collar will be presented each year to the IPM, some Chandos furniture and jewels are being used and the new logo incorporates the main elements of both the old logos.
W Bro Walters said one of the main spin-offs has been in the LoI where attendance had almost doubled. He added: “I am sure that our experience will give great consolation for any lodge thinking of going down the same path – it has worked for us.”