Elstree Lodge

Lodge Number: 3092
Consecration: 19 May 1905
Meeting Place: The Masonic Hall – Radlett
Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday October (Installation)
3rd Thursday March
3rd Thursday May
3rd Thursday June


EIstree Lodge was consecrated by RW Bro T. F. Halsey, Provincial Grand Master. The oldest Lodge meeting at Radlett is Ravenscroft, No. 2331 but that was a Barnet Lodge. Elstree thus appears to be the oldest associated with the Elstree, Radlett and Borehamwood area; in fact Kingswood Lodge No. 2278 was consecrated at Elstree but it sprang from a City of London firm.


Lodge News

A tale of two books in a load of hardcore

Someone up there has a special interest in Elstree Lodge!

Secretary Steve Gallagher explains how he got a phone from Martin Stimpson, a Buckinghamshire mason, who explained that he was filling in an old swimming pool with hardcore. As the third load of hardcore was about to drop into the pool Martin saw a couple of leather bound books within the load. Martin asked him to hold on until he had retrieved the books. They were mingled with broken pieces of a fireplace which may have even been the hiding place because they were in extraordinary good condition.

Steve noticed that one of the books was an Elstree Lodge of Instruction, and the other a personal emulation ritual book. Inside, this one read “Worshipful Brother John Burrell Worshipful Master 1947 Elstree Lodge No 3092.”

It was weird because by coincidence, John Burrell was a builders merchant when he joined in 1932 and lived in Radlett. The books did not turn up until 37 years after his death. Where had they been? Its very weird that they should turn up at yet another Freemasons home, any other person may not have realised what they had in their possession. Martin asked the driver where the rubble had come from, but he only replied with “somebody’s driveway mate” and with that he drove away!