Fairlands Valley Lodge

Lodge Number: 8522
Consecration: 6 October 1973
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: 1st Monday October (Installation)
1st Monday February
1st Monday April
2nd Monday May
1st Monday December


The Lodge owes its existence to a group of Masons who regularly met once a week at the Station Hotel, Knebworth. Sponsored by the Knebworth Lodge No. 6941, Fairlands Valley Lodge was consecrated with twenty-three Founder Members and five Original members by RW Bro Guy Halsey, TD, PJGD, who at the time was Deputy Provincial Grand Master. Because the majority of the Founders were from the Stevenage area, the Lodge was given the name Fairlands Valley, after a particular beauty and recreational area located within the New Town.

The Lodge Banner, which depicts the park and a sailing boat, mysteriously numbered J9, was dedicated on 2nd May 1977 by RW Bro Guy M Halsey, by then Provincial Grand Master. The Lodge continues to meet at the Cloisters, Letchworth. Its first initiate passed through the Chair in 1981.