Friendship Lodge

Lodge Number: 8357
Consecration: 31 March 1971
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 1st Tuesday April (Installation)
2nd Tuesday February
3rd Tuesday May
3rd Tuesday October
4th Tuesday November


During a friendly chat at a local club, five Masons decided they would like to petition for a new Lodge. This resulted in their gathering sufficient support to make this possible. All five were Members of a Middlesex Lodge called Amicitia, this being the Latin for Friendship. They decided that this should be the name. The Lodge Crest shows a pair of hands shaking, denoting ‘Friendship’.

During its early years, the Lodge visited Quest Lodge No. 1885 in Devonshire, a Lodge in Blackpool, and twice to a Lodge in Scotland, Hope Bridgecastle No. 827. After a previous visit to Jersey, the Secretary and the Treasurer were invited to witness the Installation of the new Provincial Grand Master of Jersey.