Iceni Lodge

Lodge Number: 5975
Consecration: 26 October 1944
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: 4th Wednesday October (Installation)
4th Wednesday January
4th Wednesday February
4th Wednesday April
4th Wednesday November


The Founders were Members of Lodges around Letchworth and Masons who lived in the area and were not attached to any local Lodge. The Roman Icknield Way runs through Letchworth, and the Lodge was sponsored by the Icknield Lodge. Iceni seemed the most appropriate name. Queen Boadicea of the Iceni on her chariot is shown on the Lodge Crest.

The first Treasurer was E. Gardiner the father of W. Bro M. E. Gardiner, Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire.