Oxhey Lodge

Lodge Number: 6864
Consecration: 21 July 1949
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 3rd Saturday February (Installation)
2nd Saturday April
4th Saturday June
3rd Saturday October


Sixteen Brethren gathered together to found the Oxhey Lodge. They represented a wide range of  occupations including civil servants, company directors, banking assistants, garage proprietors, insurance agent, stationer, radio and television engineers, a builder and a fish merchant. Notwithstanding these variations, they all lived locally in Oxhey and Watford. Included in the Lodge crest is a picture of the Oxhey Chapel at South Oxhey.

The Chapel was built by a Sir James Altham in 1612, on a site which has been used as a place of worship for 1200 years. The Founders enjoyed considerable help and co-operation from the Sponsoring Lodge, Rickmansworth Lodge, No. 2218. The diverse occupations of the Founders was reflected also in the range of workings put forward for consideration; however, three of their number, who had regularly attended at the Emulation Lodge of Improvement at Freemasons’ Hall, carried the day and established Emulation as the working for Oxhey Lodge. The Lodge was consecrated by RW Bro Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey.

The Lodge was presented with a new Volume of Sacred Law, which was first used in the Oxhey Chapel in 1852.