St Stephens Lodge

Lodge Number: 8468
Consecration: 4 January 1973
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 2nd Saturday March (Installation)
2nd Saturday January
4th Saturday June
4th Saturday September
1st Saturday November


The First Master was W. Bro R C Watts and VW Bro Arnold Simon conducted the Ceremony which was the only time he performed a Consecration. Bishops Hatfield Lodge No. 6893 is the Sponsor Lodge. The name St. Stephen’s is taken from the ancient Church, not far from the meeting place of the Lodge, Ashwell House, St. Albans. West End ritual is followed.

The Banner came from an original drawing by the late W. Bro Bob Cook, PAGStdB, and was painted by Mrs. Avis, wife of the First Treasurer, and it was embroidered by two ladies from Norfolk, both in their eighties and they insisted that they receive no payment. It took a year to complete.

The First Secretary was W. Bro Geoffrey Kendall and a lot of credit is due to the late VW Bro Geoffrey Pryke, who was Secretary of Bishop’s Hatfield Lodge at the time.