West Watford Lodge

Lodge Number: 6492
Consecration: 18 July 1947
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 2nd Saturday October (Installation)
2nd Saturday January
4th Saturday February
1st Saturday April
3rd Saturday November


The Founders were London Masons and other close friends from Hertfordshire and other Provinces, the greater number of whom were employed by Sun Engraving Co. in West Watford. It was founded to meet on Saturdays, (not being easily able to get to London mid-week). A steady flow of candidates was forthcoming from Sun Engraving Co. and other printing establishments which provided the term of “A Printers Lodge”.

The Principal Consecrating Officers were, RW Bro Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, Provincial Grand Master; VW Bro Rev Canon Frederick Halsey, Deputy Provincial Grand Master; VW Bro Rev. Dr. Joseph Moffett, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

The Crest depicts the rising of the sun in Hertfordshire, marking the association of the printing industry with Watford.